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Food Heroes' Mini Kit

Welcome to the 'mini' and reduced version of the Food Heroes curriculum, which features the most essential games and activities to embark on the Food Heroes adventure!


Use the Food Heroes tools anytime. Easily use lesson plans. Play the game boards anytime as a stand a lone game. Try to place fruits and vegetables from the power card deck on the Rainbow Table board during meals.

Sing songs with your children to remind them to eat colorful foods, make pledges each week with the Food Heroes pledge cards. Write or record on the Food Journal to keep track of how many colors of the Rainbow you and your family are eating! Play with the cards and dinnertime activities during meal time or outside of meals.


Be creative! Mix up the tools in this kit and create your own fun and games!

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Character Introduction

There are 5 Food Heroes part of the Food Heroes Curriculum Ava, Terra, Clay, Kai, and Jade. Each of the characters has been designed to be relatable for different types of children. They embark on a journey together with their camp counselor Sage in order to save the world! Join them!








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I. Lesson Plans (5)

Students accompany the 5 Food Heroes (Ava, Kai, Clay, Terra and Jade) with their counsellor, Sage, along 5 of the most essential Food Heroes challenges to save the world!

Each challenge is represented by a specific lesson plan accompanied with relevant posters, worksheets and activities.


The lesson plans include: 'Eat a Rainbow Everyday' where they learn about food biodiversity; 'Real Food vs. Fake Food' where they learn about processed foods and plastics; 'Harvest at Home' where they learn about local and seasonal farming; 'Dish Out the Truth' where they learn about food journeys; and 'The Web of Life' where they learn about food chains and how they are connected with nature!

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II. Game Boards (3)

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The kit includes three game boards for use with the flashcard decks for fun anytime throughout the day or at meals!

The Growing Map contains five areas: on the ground, in the ground, in the trees, in the water and in the factory. Children match the Power Cards and Fake Food Cards, depending on where each food grows. Answers are provided in the Growing Table Answer Key.

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Growing Map

Menu Map

The Menu Map contains four islands: Superboost, Sidekick, Warning, and Runaway. Children match Menu Cards and Power Cards on the islands depending on which foods that are good or bad for our bodies and for our planet. Answers are provided in the Menu Map Answer Key.

Rainbow' Table

The Rainbow Table is divided into six rainbow-colored sections: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. Children match Power Cards by color to the Rainbow Table and learn about the important of food diversity for their health and the planet.

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III. Flash Cards (2)

The kit includes two types of flashcards for multiple purposes. The cards each come with an additional Card Game reference card. 

The Menu Cards may also be used as flashcards to learn different types of foods or play them with the Menu Map! Learn which islands each of these foods belongs in. Don't be fooled by their looks, think carefully about the ingredients in each dish before you make your decision!

The Fake Food Cards may be used as flashcards to identify foods that are harmful for the body and planet or to play on the Menu Map! Observe which kinds of islands these foods belong in. Don't be fooled by their tasty looks, think carefully about their actual ingredients and production process before you make your decision!

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Fake Food Cards

Power Cards

The Power Cards can be used on their own as flashcards to learn colorful fruits and vegetables or they can be played with the Growing Map to find out where our colorful fruits and vegetables grow! Try getting two jars and putting the cards you've tried in your own into one jar. Try to taste them all!

Menu Cards

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IV. Activity Card Deck

The Food Heroes' Activity Card Deck compiles all the activites from the Food Heroes' curriculum and lesson plans into one easy deck!

Broaching the topics of health, environment, exercise, mindfulness and local food, adults follow the instructions on the cards and engage children in an adventure to learn about healthy and sustainable food while having fun!

*Certain Activity Cards require the use of other Food Heroes materials, such as game boards, flash cards and lesson plan posters. 

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V. Pledge Cards

Pledge cards are promise badges around the topic of sustainable living which kids make for the coming week!

These badges are meant to be worn around the neck with a string going through the black holes, during the week of the pledge.

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VI. Food Journals (3)

The Food Journal helps track daily improvement in how students eat. Students mark the day of the week at the top of the journal and track their food and vegetables consumption for that day by shading in the circle of the color of that fruit or vegetable they ate.


The second and third food journals further allow students to track how much they drink and how often they exercise.

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VII. Conversation Starters and Dinnertime Activity Cards

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Conversation Starter Cards engage children, families and the community with fun conversation questions around the topic of food. Whether questions around nutrition, food access or sustainability, everyone can dive in to get the conversation flowing!

Conversation Starters

Dinnertime Activity Cards

Dinnertime Activity Cards engage children, families and the community with fun activities around the topic of food. Activities everyone can do at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table, they are quick and easy way to bring healthy and sustainable eating an activity!

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