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Sustainable Living Parents' Kit

Food Heroes, in partnership with the One Planet Network and its advisor the United Nations Environment Programme, has released its parents' kit!

This downloadable sustainable living kit can be scaled up to address global challenges such as resource efficiency, biodiversity conservation, poverty and social well-being. 

Children and parents play games together to discover the impact of food across the web of life. Food Heroes teaches children how to be better people with self-love, sharing love and loving our world. The kit will include storybooks, kids worksheets, activities and games that bring sustainable living into your home. 

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Kit Components

Instruction Manual

This kit has been assembled to support parents educating their children about the important topics of sustainability and nutrition. Food Heroes has compiled a broad range of resources to ensure all children will be entertained.

This pack has been carefully designed to provide maximum accessibility and relatability no matter your location in the world, whilst incorporating the SLE’s and Food Heroes’ aim of including resources which can be reused and adapted to continue the nutrition and sustainability conversation.

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Take your children on a journey into the Food Heroes' fantasy world. Follow the experiences of superhero characters as they fight villains and make the world a healthier, more sustainable place. The storybooks will provide the insight that allows you and your children to engage with all the other materials in this kit.


Game Boards: the Menu Map

Game Boards: the Rainbow Table

The Menu Map contains four islands: Superboost, Sidekick, Warning, and Runaway.

Children match Menu Cards and Power Cards on the islands depending on which foods that are good or bad for our bodies and for our planet.

Answers are provided Menu Map Answer Key.

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The Rainbow Table is divided into six rainbow- colored sections: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white.

Children match Power Cards by color to the Rainbow Table and learn about the importance of food diversity for their health and the planet.

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Sustainable Incentive Chart

Food Journals

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Sustainable Activity Cards

Pledge Cards

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Game Boards: the Growing Map

The Growing Map contains five areas: on the ground, underground, on trees, in water and in factories.

Children match the Power Cards and Fake Food Cards, depending on where each food grows.

Answers are provided in the Growing Map Answer Key.

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Game Cards: the Power Cards and Menu Cards

Cards are used in a number of different lessons and activities. Card types within this kit:

• Power Cards • Menu Cards

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These cards include at-home activities on the topics of environmental, seasonal and local foods, adapted from official Food Heroes lessons. Some reference the game boards and cards, providing multiple ways for your family to use these materials.

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These cards include at-home activities on the topics of environmental, seasonal and local foods, adapted from official Food Heroes lessons. Some reference the game boards and cards, providing multiple ways for your family to use these materials.

Pledge cards are promise badges around the topic of sustainable living which the whole family makes for the coming week. 

These badges are meant to be worn around the neck with a string going through the black holes, during the week of the pledge.

The Food Journal helps track daily improvement in how children eat.

Kids can write the day of the week at the top of the journal and shade in a circle for each color of fruit or vegetable they eat.

Dinnertime Activity Cards

Conversation Starter Cards

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Engage children, families and the community with fun activities around the topic of food.

Activities everyone can do at the breakfast, lunch or dinner table, they are quick and easy way to make healthy and sustainable eating an activity!

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Engage children, families and the community with fun conversation questions around the topic of food!

Whether questions around nutrition, food access or sustainability, everyone can dive in to get the conversation flowing!

Sustainable Recipes

Food Heroes has devised easy, child-friendly and sustainable recipes to encourage children to participate in cooking, eat nutritious meals and eat in a way that is good for the planet.

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Home Composting Posters

These at-home posters for the entire family underline the importance of composting in each household. It provides a guide and tips for all families to adopt a composting system.

Stick this poster on your fridge and follow the Food Heroes composting guide as a fun activity for your family, whilst benefiting wider society.

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Worksheet Booklet

This booklet provides children with relevant Food Heroes worksheets linked to the topics of sustainability and nutrition discussed in the storybooks.

Use with reference to the Food Heroes storybooks, allowing children to engage in the Food Heroes world and convey their own ideas. 

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Art Set

This set compiles Food Heroes art exercises, encompassing the sustainability topics covered in the storybooks.

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